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Serving the Central Coast Since 1985

When looking for training, supplements, and other cool supplies for your dogs please consider supporting one of Central Coast Hunting Retriever Club sponsors.  They have great products and help us keep doing what we love with our dogs.

We are always looking for additional sponsors. If you would like to become a sponsor of Central Coast Hunting Retriever Club (CCHRC) please contact us.

Major sponsor of the 2023 AKC Hunt Test

Breco Firearms, Inc.

All of your modern sporting needs, including CCW training, repairs, and custom builds. Breco Firearm

Proud sponsor of the 2023 AKC Hunt Test

WINPRO® uses the proven power of plasma to fight inflammation - often the source of your pet’s health issues.

Inflammation can wreak havoc on your dog’s system causing pain, allergies, stiff joints, digestive issues, and more. Fight back with plasma-infused super chews that travel through the circulatory system to deliver healing antibodies to inflamed areas.


Proud sponsor of the 2023 AKC Hunt Test

Paramount Pet Health

Choose evidence-based supplements built with pure ingredients

Our bestselling supplements support your dog or cat’s joint health and mobility by helping reduce pain and stiffness. We’ve also carefully, thoughtfully added supplements for eye, heart, brain, and coat health — because your pet feels best when they’re in peak health.

We source reliable, lab-tested ingredients that have been shown by veterinary science (and hundreds of happy customers and pets) to improve pet health and function.

Proud sponsor of the 2023 AKC Hunt Test



We are the leading producer of the highest quality Certified Organic functional mushroom powders that support immune health, sports performance and recovery for horses, pets and people. Our dedicated team works relentlessly and passionately to bring the transforming benefits of our Organic Mushroom Powders to animals and their people around the world. 

Minimally processed, our mushroom powders are carefully grown, harvested, dried, milled and packed to retain the naturally occurring bio-active compounds that can boost your animal’s vitality and immune health.

Proud sponsor of the 2023 AKC Hunt Test

UC Davis Veterinary Medicine

VGL was a pioneer in the development of DNA-based animal parentage verification. In the early 1990s, VGL began the development of parentage tests using microsatellite DNA markers also referred to as STRs (short tandem repeats). VGL was the first animal parentage laboratory to offer DNA testing to the horse, cattle, and camelid industries in the mid-1990s and has since introduced DNA-based tests for elk, deer, dogs, cats, sheep, goats, and primates. Utilizing this technology, the VGL has generated nearly 4 million DNA profiles.

Proud sponsor of the 2023 AKC Hunt Test


Real Mushrooms is driven by the desire to deliver the best possible medicinal mushroom extracts in their purest form, without any carriers or grain fillers. We strive to make sure our products are analyzed for the important medicinal compounds and are consistent with the existing body of medicinal mushroom research.

This ultimately means that when you try our mushroom products, you will have the best possibility to experience the unique benefits that medicinal mushrooms have to offer.

We hope you enjoy Real Mushrooms as much as we do.

Rex Specs

Proud sponsor of the 2023 AKC Hunt Test

Rex Specs are a proven piece of gear to help keep your dog safe from eye trauma, UV rays or anything else you might find on the next adventure. Whether you’re climbing 14ers, ripping down a mountain bike trail, stalking a pheasant or at the gun range, Rex Specs are the most comfortable and durable eye protection available for your dog.

Proud sponsor of the 2022 AKC Hunt Test

Mountain Dogware

We are a small family business in Concord, NH. Our manufacturer is in Nashua, NH and our harness are hand made 100% in the USA. We love dogs and love adventuring with them but we know that accidents sometimes happen, That is why we created the Pack-A-Paw Rescue Harness. “Adventure Boldly and Never Leave Your Dog Behind” !!

    • Easy to use
    • Comfortable to wear
    • Lightweight
    • Compact
    • Strong & Durable
    • Made in the USA

    Proud sponsor of the 2023 AKC Hunt Test


     WetMutt Products are tested and approved by dogs of all breeds. Uses for our products far exceed Man's Best Friend.


    Proud sponsor of the 2023 AKC Hunt Test

    Gun Dog Supply

    "We train our dogs with the products we sell."

    Taking care of folks and their dogs since 1972.

    • Our family-owned & operated small business wants to be your one-stop shop. 
    • Get fast, friendly service with safe, easy, & secure shopping.

    Proud sponsor of the 2023 AKC Hunt Test



    Proud sponsor of the 2023 AKC Hunt Test

    The Retriever Journal

    The premier issue launched in the beginning of 1995 to fill a niche, to appeal to the person who values a retriever's work above all else in the field, the type of person who would leave his gun home before he left his dog.

    Together you share a love for the fields and the blinds, the pheasants and the ducks and geese and the grouse and the quail and all the rest, the heft and feel of a nice shotgun, and the sights and sounds and smells of autumn and those first biting winds of winter. Together you enjoy an old and honored tradition, but one where every day in the field is like the first.

    Don’t delay – join us. Your dog will thank you, and so will we.

    Proud sponsor of the 2022 AKC Hunt Test

    Hawkeye Media

    To get  your puppy off to a great start we recommend this new DVD.

    "Training a Retriever Puppy - with Bill Hillmann"

    Proud sponsor of the 2023 AKC Hunt Test.

                      Paw Print Genetics

    The Definitive Resource for Canine Genetic Health™

      Proud sponsor of the 2023 AKC Hunt Test

      Platinum Performance

      We Believe in Wellness 
      Total Body Wellness for Cats and Dogs Starts Here 

      By providing a comprehensive wellness supplement with omega-3 essential fatty acids, antioxidants, trace minerals and amino acids, you are giving your pet a nutritional foundation that supports the whole body. Our veterinary-developed formulas are backed by research, made with human-grade ingredients and go through extensive quality testing to ensure you'll see results in your dog and cat. All Platinum products have a 100% Client Satisfaction Guarantee.

      Proud sponsor of the 2023 AKC Hunt Test


      Martinez Gun Club

      Founded in 1883

      One of America's Oldest Gun Clubs

      The Martinez Gun Club has nine trap fields. Each field can be configured for American Trap, Wobbles or Doubles. Most trap fields are set to American Trap when there is not a competitive shoot. If you would like to practice at Wobbles or Doubles, just ask at the clubhouse.

      Blake Fahmie

      Clay Shooting Lessons

      Proud sponsor of the 2023 AKC Hunt Test

      Blake Fahmie

      Take your game to the next level, or learn the basics.

      Blake Fahmie has been competitive shooter for the past decade. Over the years, he has worked with several top instructors as well as Olympic champions. Harnessing their teachings, he has developed a method that works and works effectively. Blake Fahmies method has been developed through countless hours of study, practice, and determination. His goal is for you to leave each session with a clear understanding of sound fundamentals, efficiency of gun movement, visual focus and correct mental focus. Whether you are looking to take your shooting to the next level or just want to learn the basics, Blake Fahmie’s method will take you as far as you want to go.

      Proud sponsor of the 2023 AKC Hunt Test.


      Simple. Clean. Fresh.

      Fresh & raw, our USDA-Inspected meats and grocery-grade produce are freeze dried and dry roasted into a delicious blend of scoopable goodness. With ingredients you can recognize and taste your pups will gobble up, its no wonder dogs are giving it two paws up!

      No nonsense. Just real food.

      the simplest food you’ve ever seen


      Proud sponsor of the 2023 AKC Hunt Test

      Santa Cruz Animal Health

      Santa Cruz Animal Health is rapidly becoming an industry leader in the distribution and development of Veterinary and Animal Health Care Products. The Company offers a wide range of products for the optimal care of performance horses, livestock and companion animals. The Animal Health product line includes a comprehensive, high-quality, affordable line of UltraCruz Animal Health Supplements for horses, dogs, cattle and goats. This is an exciting new product line developed by our team of experts and is used daily by the San Juan Ranch. Vaccinations, antibiotics, anti-fungals, critical care, reproduction and neonatal products, as well as Veterinary Prescription Drugs for a broad range of clinical applications are also available. 

      Proud sponsor of the 2022 AKC Hunt Test

      GingerLead Gives Dogs a New Leash on Life!

      • Senior Dogs or Cats
      • Disabled or Handicapped Pets
      • Orthopedic Surgery Recovery/Physical Therapy / Rehabilitation
      • Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD)
      • Neurological Disorders 
      • Tripawds / Leg Amputees
      • Help Dogs Up & Down Stairs
      • Assist In & Out of Vehicles
      • Made in Colorado, U.S.A.
      • Supports Dogs up to 250 lbs.
      • Built to Last with a Durable Pack Cloth Exterior
      • Soft Corduroy where the Support Pad Contacts your pet's skin or Fur
      • The Safe Way to Support Your Dog
      • Attach to a Collar for Speed Control or Chest Harness for Added Support

      Proud sponsor of the 2022 AKC Hunt Test

      No Flap Ear Wrap


      The goal of the No Flap™ is to stop the damage flapping can cause and to provide an alternative to sticky or escapable bandages. The No Flap™ Ear Wrap allows the ears to remain in a natural position while keeping them immobile so healing can occur. Uses for the No Flap include, hematoma healing, post surgical recovery needs, treatment for yeast and ear infection, ear lacerations and tears and vasculitis. The No Flap™ Ear Wrap is designed with a sewn in skeletal system that encompasses a strong plastic spine, stopping the wrap from sliding back, keeping the ears in place. 

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